3 Reasons most diets fail

3 Reasons most diets fail

04 Dec 3 Reasons most diets fail

We have all at some stage in our life sat up and said “ that’s it starting Monday I’m going on a diet” whether it is for weight loss, improved health markers or just the fact that everyone else seems to be doing one we have all at some stage probably said those magic words.

However, uttering those words “ I’m starting a new diet” and actually following through on that promise to yourself are two completely different things.

In this article I am going to outline 3 pitfalls of dieting that a lot of us fall into when we are starting one that will ultimately leave us stopping, failing and feeling ultimately demoralized with the whole process.

Here goes

1- Too much too soon.

All diets well most diets anyway have 1 thing in common they get you into either a calories deficit for weight loss a calorie surplus for weight gain. Depending on how quick you get there will determine how sustainable the diet is for example if you are looking to lose weight then creating a small daily deficit of say 150 kcals over the week will eventually lead to weight loss.

However creating a 600kcal deficit daily over a week will lead to weight loss as well at a much faster rate however which one do you think is more sustainable long-term?

The one with a slow, steady sensible approach or the more rapid fast-tracked approach?

And that is the key question you need to ask yourself when starting out on any new diet

“ Can I sustain this diet/lifestyle change LONG TERM” If you can’t then you will probably get results in the short term but eventually you will revert back to type and somewhere down the line face the same issues all over again.

2- Figure out what fits in with your lifestyle

You can have the best diet plan in the world but if you can’t actually do it then it is useless. For example, you start with 6 small meals per day of protein and greens, you have all your little lunchboxes prepped and ready to go, you are going to eat every 2 hours during the day to balance blood sugar and so on and so on.

The only problem is you get 30 mins for your lunch break at 1 pm and you’re not allowed eat at your desk in work?

Or you’re dropping the kids to school then picking them up and have to go to football practice with one of them and then swimming practice with the other, all of a sudden you have been in the car for 2 hours rushing around… what to do with those lunchboxes now!!!!

So do something that will fit in with your lifestyle & you will be able to stick with.

If you can only eat three times per day then prepare for that, if you eat out ⅔ times per week with work etc then prepare for that also and make sure you have done your research on where you might be heading and what you can order on the menu which won’t throw you off the rails, little things like that can keep you moving in the right direction and not have your head spinning.

3- Stop acting like a child

I slipped up on Saturday night when I had a slice of cheesecake so then the wheels came off Sunday and Monday and I went on a food binge.

This ever happened to you? Or have you ever heard yourself saying this?

If your child did something similar like didn’t do their homework one day so didn’t bother doing it the rest of the week you would probably give out to them and tell them to grow up.

How about taking your own advice, if you slip up and stray if your diet plan then so what no big deal, don’t make a big drama out off it just say to yourself I will be back on track with my next meal or bit of food etc.

One or two slip-ups won’t have any effect at all really if your pretty much spot on the rest of the time, in fact, I would be a big enthusiast for adopting an 80/20% approach to food.

Leave yourself 20% if your overall calories to indulge in your favorite foods & 80% of the time for your “healthy” foods.

Doing this can offset the negative mindset for when you do have the occasional treat.

Ultimately if you are thinking of starting a new diet especially this time of year Xmas / new year then make sure you look for something that will fit into your lifestyle & don’t make it even harder on yourself then it needs to be.

Remember “slow & steady wins the race”

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