HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training


What is it?
High Intensity Interval Training


Why train this way?
Blitz BodyFat, build muscle, improve strength & Fitness levels


Other benefits
Bored of prolonged steady state cardio exercise?
Replace it with a 30-35 min HIIT, total body workout & boost your Metabolism for upto 24 hours!
never the same thing twice, a truly versatile varied training session.



What is it?
Founded by a U.S. Navy Seal, TRX suspension training, is a revolutionary alternative to conventional resistance training (lifting weights)


Why train this way?
Build strength, build muscle, improve fitness levels & burn BodyFat.


Other benefits
You are your machine, watch how much you improve from week to week.
Nothing else will work your core as effectively.


Cardio CombatCardio Combat


What is it?
In our opinion, the ultimate boxing/fighting themed circuit session.


Why train this way?
Address all aspects of fitness – endurance, stamina, speed, strength, agility.


Other Benefits
Wanna have some fun?? – try this!
Blow off some steam on the punch & kick bags.
Go a few rounds against the clock for a brilliant fitness session.



If it’s in your way, push it…

If it’s on a rope, pull it…

If it’s heavy, lift it…

If it’s high, jump on it…


Add in slam balls, Battle ropes, prowler runs & sled runs.


You have DFC’s Strongman/woman session.


Be ready to go full beast mode!

Body Blast



What is it?  Blast your body into shape in this low-impact, high-energy workout.


Why train this way? – Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Improve Fitness Levels


Other Benefits – Never get stale, Stimulate your brain & body- this session is different every time! A balanced, total body workout.