Don’t join a gym this January


07 Nov Don’t join a gym this January

New year and another gym membership!

If I can give you one piece of advice this January it’s this – don’t join a gym (including mine) this new year.

You would be far better off spending the money you will waste on membership over the next few months on something nice for yourself or a loved one. Because let’s face it – you ain’t gonna use it!

Does this sound familiar?

Jan 05 – Christmas is over – I overdid it indulging on beer and mince pies so I’m going to make a change and lose a bit of weight. No messing this time! I’m going to buy the gear, join the gym and spend ages perfecting the best training plan for me. I’ll also buy a load of juices to cleanse my body of all the toxins.

Let’s go!

Jan 20 – I can’t be arsed going to train this evening; it’s cold out and my favorite programme is on the box. There’s nothing in the fridge except a load of those horrible juices I bought. Where is the takeaway menu?

Feb – God, look at the money I wasted on all that training I never went to. Disaster. Ah well, I’ll start again next year.

And so it goes… it happens in all gyms / studios / health clubs etc. Every year, we can spot the guys who are going to be gone in a couple of weeks…

The usual signs are:

  • Get to gym and hammer a treadmill for 2 hours
  • Followed by 20 mins abs
  • Then sign up for a weights or spin class
  • And repeat this 7 days a week.

A training schedule even Mo Farrah might struggle to keep up with!

Instead, why not try this?

Jan 05 – I’m going to have a look at my lifestyle and see if there are any changes I can make because I don’t feel great. My energy levels are low and I just don’t feel good in general. I’m not sure how to go about it, so I am going to go and speak with a reputable trainer who knows their stuff.

Jan 20 – 2 weeks in and it’s actually not that difficult. I’m exercising for 45/60 mins, 3 times a week, and I have made a few small adjustments to my food, but overall it’s doable.

Feb – I’m actually seeing a big difference in my energy levels and my clothes are starting to fit me a bit better. I think I might be able to increase my training slightly and make another few adjustments to my diet.

March / April & beyond – How did I ever go without any exercise? I’m training 3 nights a week and have also joined a local sports club. I feel younger, I look younger and my clothes fit me better. It hasn’t been that hard at all really.

No more new year resolutions next year for me!

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