Lifting Session


Do you want to burn fat, build muscle, boost your metabolism, improve strength and fitness? Is resistance training part of your regime, or do you just head straight for the cardio machines or into a fitness class?

If it’s not, you’re missing out…


Does your weights area resemble a prison yard, full of iron pumping, protein shaking “meat heads”?

Or a place where big iron machines with pads, pulleys and levers go to die?

It can be overwhelming and intimidating, and ultimately, a bit of a turn off.


Not knowing what to do at the gym is one of the most common complaints we hear…

If you’re lucky enough to get to the gym before the “meat heads” arrive and lay claim to the weights area, where do you start?

How many reps?

How many sets?

How long should I rest?

Are these exercises the correct ones for my goals?

Am I doing them properly? – My back hurts!


If you need answers to any of these questions, our lifting term may be just the thing for you…


First off, you are one of six people working with an expert conditioning coach.

In every session feel free to ask any health or training related questions you may have, from nutrition to recovery…

We start your term with a few strength tests and work out suitable percentages for you to lift at going forward, so every session is tailored perfectly for you.

We teach you how to warm up correctly, improve flexibility and the importance of good mobility its relationship with training.

We plan three bespoke sessions per week for you, then mentor you in the three sessions, ensuring you are executing the movements correctly and safely.

Over the six weeks, your training will be changed to reflect the progressions you make.

At the end of your term,  we retest you to compare your results against the originals.


With your new found knowledge of movements, reps/sets/ratios and rest, you’ll be confident enough to include resistance training in your routine – wherever you are.

You might even teach the meat heads a thing or two…


€200 per 6 week term (18 mentored small group sessions).