Prioritise yourself


30 Nov Prioritise yourself

Consistency is king & a poor training plan done regularly is better than a great training plan done seldom.
If you were to plan out 8 – 6 week training cycles in the year this would lead to:
52 weeks – 48 weeks training – 4 weeks complete rest
If a 6 week training cycle consisted of 3 training sessions per week, then that would equal 144 days training per year with 221 days of rest.

Done consistently this type of programme would lead to…

  • Lifestyle change
  • Improved body composition
  • Improved stress levels
  • Increased energy levels/less fatigued
  • Less injuries
  • Improved posture
  • Offset the risk of certain diseases – osteoporosis – HBP – Cardiovascular disease
  • The list goes on…

All you have to do is sacrifice 3 hours out of your whole week to help yourself work on some of the things from the list above.
Sounds simple, right?
Not if you don’t prioritize yourself, your training will suffer because the below will get in the way at some point…

  • Work life
  • Family life
  • Social activities

All of the above are there to distract you from keeping your eye on the ball for just 3 hours per week. Sounds so small, doesn’t it?
Do yourself a favor & do 3 things:
1- Look after your body. It’s yours and you only get one.

2 –  Look at your current lifestyle and see if there are any areas you think you need to improve on. Training? Nutrition? Sleep? Maybe these are all covered and it’s something completely different.

3 – Prioritise yourself at least 3 times per week for one hour. Walk – swim – yoga – lift something heavy – get uncomfortable doing something.
These are just a few basic things to get your body and mind into a place where you are giving it a bit of care and looking after yourself. If done consistently over a prolonged period of time, it will lead to health, happiness, and prosperity.

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