Set down some markers


25 Jul Set down some markers

It’s a short blog today focusing on not sweating the small stuff and setting down a couple of baseline markers on nutrition and training. I recently started working with a client who is completely new to training and healthy eating and wants to lose weight. A lot of the questions they were asking are questions I’m asked frequently, like:

Is this yoghurt ok?
Am I allowed a treat every now and again?
Will I be squatting? Deadlifting?
What type of protein shake should I have?

Now, these are all relative questions but remember this is a total beginner we are talking about here, so my answer would be: “At the moment it doesn’t matter what you start doing as long as you start doing something.”

So you see when you are starting off from scratch, you need to look at the bigger picture:

1 – Establishing regular and consistent calorie intake (weekends included)

2 – Getting active and burning some calories


Once you have established the above consistently over 4-6 weeks then we can start looking at your diet and training plan in more detail. For example, protein intake, training plan, vitamins, minerals and foods that don’t agree with your body etc.

These are all things that can be adjusted and tailored to you later down the line, but first, you need to start getting active and burning some calories. It’s also about figuring out what you are currently taking in nutrition wise on a regular, consistent basis. Once you have got these two sorted, then you start looking at the finer details of your training and diet. One step at a time!

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