Top 10 Ab exercises part 2


02 Aug Top 10 Ab exercises part 2

If you’ve been practicing the beginners’ exercises from blog number 1 and you are ready to progress to more difficult exercises, or you are already quite advanced with the type of core exercises you are already doing, then this one is for you.

The next five exercises are considering more advanced as they take a lot more core strength and motor control to perform. Like I said in the last beginners’ blog, if you are starting to struggle or you aren’t sure whether you are performing the exercise correctly, then stop, get in touch and we can help you out.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to for tips on proper form and technique on all exercises. You are only able to progress onto these exercises once you are comfortable with the first five in the previous blog.

Reps & sets

Go with 8-12 solid reps or else 20-30 seconds solid hold and do 3-5 sets. Once you get accustomed to the exercise and technique, look to increase to 15-20 reps or 45-60 secs. Remember: form and technique is of utmost importance.

Exercises below:

1 – Cable rotations

Standing square on to cable machine, keep arms straight and rotate to opposite direction.

Progression – Use heavier weights

Regression – Use lighter weights

2 – Hanging knee raise

Hang still out of a pull up bar, bring knees to chest slowly whilst trying to keep body still at all times.

Progression – higher bar

Regression – lower bar and rest feet on the ground in between reps

3 – TRX Body saw

Feet in TRX straps, come up off floor into a plank position with hands placed directly under shoulders. Keeping hands where they are, imagine pushing or lengthening your body away from hands and then pulling yourself back in.

This is a very tough one to explain so I would advise you head over to our YouTube channel and look at the technique on this.

Progression – A bigger movement

Regression – A smaller movement

4 – Kneeling rotations

On knees with a weight in hands. Rotate from your right hip up to your left shoulder & vice versa.

Progression – Use a heavier weight.

Regression – Use a lighter weight

5 – TRX Pike

Feet in TRX straps. Come up into plank position with hands directly under shoulders. Push hips high up into the air and then slowly return to plank position.

Progression – Bigger movement

Regression – Smaller movement

Again, I can’t stress enough that you need to master exercises 1-5 on the previous abs blog before you even attempt these more advanced exercises.

Also, they can be quite hard to explain – especially any of the ones involving weights / TRX straps – so if you are attempting them, you should be subscribing to our YouTube channel to have a look at techniques and correct movements.


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