Top 10 AB/Core Exercises for Beginners


25 Jun Top 10 AB/Core Exercises for Beginners

The next two blogs are to give you an idea of exercises that will help improve your core or as most of us like to say your Ab muscles.
I cannot stress enough how important these muscles are in helping you improve fitness/stability/mobility help keep away Injury (especially any sort of lower back issues)
However how and specifically what exercises we use can determine whether we improve your Core / Ab muscles or actually make things a whole lot worse & get yourself injured at the same time.

When starting out

Take things slowly!! I have specifically broken down this blog & next one into beginners & advanced. Now I have not included a “Plank” amongst the beginner’s exercises as I am going to presume that if you are reading this you have an interest in all things fitness related & that you are already doing some sort of planking in your current training. However, if you are not & want directions on how to do it then just get in touch.

Reps & sets

Depending on your fitness levels start off with 10-12 solid reps or 15-20 secs solid hold & repeat each exercise x 3 times. Pair up 2-3 exercises back to back & perform them like a circuit fashion.
NB** if you are progressing through the exercises & start getting real pain in your lower back or really struggling with technique then stop & regress to what you were doing previously. (Normally a sign that your not strong enough yet in your core & your back is doing most of the work instead)
Once you start feeling stronger in the exercise then increase to 15-20 reps or 30-60 secs.

So let’s get cracking then with your first 5 exercises.

1-Hollow Hold

How to do?

Lying flat on your back imagine pushing your lower back towards the floor with arms & legs extended fully. Breath in through your nose & upon exhaling from your mouth imagine pushing belly button to the ground.

Regression: Keep arms & knees at a right angle to the ground.

2-Side Plank

How to do?

Side lying, push up onto your forearm and palm of your hand (make sure to keep elbow directly under shoulder)

Don’t let hips sag down towards the floor.

Regression: keep knee closest to the floor in contact with the floor.

3-MeK Ball Rotations

How to do?

Sitting on the floor, heels in contact with the ground, lean back (you will feel your abs “turn on”) take the Med ball (use whatever weight is challenging but manageable) simply twist and tap the ball to the floor on both sides.

Progression: Lift heels off ground or increase weight.

4-Leg drops//raises

How to do?

Lying on the floor, feet close together. Head & shoulders off the ground. Raise legs straight up into the air and slowly drop to just a couple of inches off the ground then raise up again.

Regression: Drop one leg at a time.

5-Side Bends

How to do?

Standing in an upright position. Holding a weight in hand.

Lean over to one side and come back into upright position.

Regression: Use lighter weights

All of the above exercises are currently up on our YouTube channel so I suggest before attempting them you shoot on over, subscribe & have a look at what and how the exercise should look like.

Any questions just get in touch.

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