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Lower body home workout

Try this Lower body home workout –

Beginners 3-5 rounds
Intermediates 5-10 rounds

Upper body Home Workout

Try this Upper body home workout –

Beginners 3-5 rounds
Intermediates 5-10 rounds

Total Body Home Workout

Try this full body home workout –

Beginners 3-5 rounds
Intermediates 5-10 rounds


Knee over toes

Use a wall or stick, try to push your knee towards wall or stick whilst keeping your heel on the ground. To make more difficult create a bigger distance between foot & object.

Hip Flexors

Starting in a plank/push up position bring your foot as far as you can towards your hand whilst keeping your chest up all the time. To make it easier drop your back knee towards the floor.

Inch Worm

Starting in a plank/push up position. Walk your toes towards your chest with your hips going straight up in the air.

Good Mornings

Using a dowel or stick, place across the back of your shoulders. “Hinge” your hips back trying to keep a Neutral/straight back at all times. You should Feel a stretch in your hamstrings.

Hip Swings

Use a wall or stick to lean on. kicking forward & back with your right leg trying to keep your chest up & good posture at all times. Repeat on both legs 15/20 times.

Saturday AM

Knee Rolls

Feet together and arms spread on floor. Simply drop knees from side to side. Mobilising your lower back and obliques.

Perform 15-20 rolls on each side & repeat 3-5 times.


T-Spine rotation

On all fours, bring elbow to opposite hand and then towards the ceiling.  Mobilising your thoracic (upper back) area of back.

Perform 8-10 rotations on side then repeat on the other. Repeat 3-5 times.


Wall slides

Sitting with back up against the wall. As you extend arms overhead try to keep arms and back pressed in against the wall. Increases mobility into shoulders and T-spine.

Perform 8-10 slides and repeat 3-5 times.



(You will need a stick/brush/or something similar)

Hands as wide as possible on stick, keeping arms as wide as possible, bring stick overhead for as long as arms stay straight.

Perform 10-15 dislocates and repeat 3-5 times.


Lats Stretch

Using an elevated surface (bed, table, chair) on knees reach onto surface keeping head as low as possible. Hold stretch for 5 seconds, then move your hands to the right for 5 seconds. Return to middle and then move hands to the left.

Perform 8-10 and repeat 3-5 times.